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NanoTuff - Advanced Protective Coatings

NanoTuff - Advanced Protective Coatings
(Powered by Nano Efficiency)

Our product, NanoTuff is a revolutionary product which enables a unique, durable protection for your assets.


The NanoTuff range has been designed to protect and coat all surfaces, including Glass, Solar, Wood, Stone, Metals, GRP, textiles and other Plastics. Our manufacturing process provides unrivalled and non-invasive protection that enhance your assets with sustainability benefits for years to come.


NanoTuff will hugely benefit asset owners by reducing maintenance costs and lowering their carbon footprint, while keeping their possessions looking new for far longer.


It’s not just a smart decision, its a clean idea!


Completely invisible, non-toxic, non-hazardous and odourless

NanoTuff - Automotive


NanoTuff - Fabrics


NanoTuff - Glass


NanoTuff - Stone